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With the support of Mac OS X guest in VirtualBox v3.2.0, setting up a Snow Leopard virtual machine is much more easier. At least, we no longer need to have a Leopard virtual machine running for helping us to install Snow Leopard. Besides, we do not need to patch the VB software, or to modify the virtual machine's xml file.

System Used

Theoretically, virtualization product should provide us with an environment to run the guest OS. However, practically, this is not the case. For your reference, I am using the following environment:

By no means this is the only hardware and software configuration that allows you to run Mac OS X guest under VB. I just want to point out this so that in case of any unexpected errors and differences, at least we need to check if these are caused by the differences in hardware and software used.

The major issue that would make a difference in the installation is the CPU type. While Apple's hardware is using Intel CPU, it is natural that the installation would be less troublesome. If you owns an AMD machine, you may make references to the following articles in the Troubleshooting & FAQ session:


Before You Start

Before you start, make sure you have the followings ready:

Overview of the Installation Process

The installation process can be divided into 3 parts:


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