Hi everybody,

For sure, I am not the only one who have tried to running MacOSX by means of using virtualization products (such as VirtualBox and VMWare). There are quite a number of places (web pages, forum etc) where you can get information about how you can setup MacOSX (in particular Leopard and Snow Leopard) under such a virtualization environment.

One of the reasons why I wrote this guide is that by following the existing information, I still encounter various issues (such as undocumented steps, scattered information) and I hope this guide can provide you with more comprehensive information so that you can setup your virtualized Mac OS X Leopard environment more easily.

And of course, there may be still missing information and undocumented steps in this guide. In such a case, please let me know!

FYI, since VirtualBox v3.2.0, Mac OS X guest is supported (though officially, we need to use Apple hardware to run Mac OS). The setup is there greatly streamlined and this is why the guide is updated.

For easy reference, you can simply the Complete Guide.


System Used

Theoretically, virtualization product should provide us with an environment to run the guest OS. However, practically, this is not the case. For your reference, I am using the following environment:

By no means this is the only hardware and software configuration that allows you to run Mac OS X guest under VB. I just want to point out this so that in case of any unexpected errors and differences, at least we need to check if these are caused by the differences in hardware and software used..

to be continued...