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Please pay attention if you are still using FBML for your Facebook apps

As announced by Facebook on its platform Roadmap, on June 6 2012, the following changes will be in effect: Removal of FBML FBML apps will no longer work on Platform. The “FBML Removal” migration will appear and will be enabled … Continue reading

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When FBML is deprecated, what will you miss?

All of us know that FBML is going to be deprecated and Facebook does not allow use to create new FBML application anymore. While iframe canvas application allow us to do almost everything we want to in a Facebook  application, … Continue reading

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Fixed bug in that may affect your Facebook application!

If you are running FBML applications that uses the fb:iframe FBML tag, please read! Facebook has pushed the following code changed in the week of 26Dec2010: Fixed bug in <fb:iframe/> that could impact developers that are using <fb:iframe/> incorrectly. <fb:iframe/> … Continue reading

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