PHP SDK Demystified – the PHP Exception

Just in case you are new to the PHP Exception, the following references should be a good place for you to know more about it:

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PHP SDK Demystified – the FacebookApiException Class

Have you read the first article “Checking the Prerequisites” of PHP SDK Demystified series? If not, then you are probably new here…. In such a case, note that you can see the list of articles in this series by visiting … Continue reading

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PHP SDK Demystified – Checking the Prerequisites

You should know that the PHP SDK  has the following prerequisites: the CURL PHP extension the JSON PHP extension Now, let’s open the source code of the PHP SDK (i.e. facebook.php). We can see the following lines of code at … Continue reading

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The PHP SDK Demystified Series

I plan to write a series of articles on the PHP SDK. Basically, I will try to explain various issues related to the PHP SDK and look at the source code of it together with you. With these coming articles, … Continue reading

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Future Release for the PHP SDK

It had been more than 2 month already since the last release of the PHP SDK. Does this mean the development on the PHP SDK is stopped??  Have you found any bugs in the PHP SDK?  Or any other suggestions … Continue reading

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Learning from Reading Bug Reports in Facebook’s Bugzilla

Have you ever visited or even reported a bug reports in Facebook’s Bugzilla? I did neither of them when I first started learning Facebook Development.  But now, I make frequent visit there. Besides reporting bugs, I also browse those existing … Continue reading

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VirtualBox v4.0.0 Beta 4 Released!

VirtualBox 4.0.0 Beta 4 is released on 14Dec2010. The installation package can be downloaded from VirtualBox’ site. Upgrade process from beta 3 to beta 4 is smooth! So far I am happy with it. Existing VMs for Mac OS X, … Continue reading

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I dare you to say….

Do you dare to say what lies in your heart? Try this app and see! I dare you to say…

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