Facebook App Directory – No more Facebook Apps allowed / to be approved?

In the past, right after we get enough MAU, we can submit our Facebook apps to the App Directory so that other people can search for it.

The approval process is pretty fast in the past. However, recently, it has been reported by many people that the submitted apps still remain in the “approval pending” status for a long period of time (talking about days).

As expected, numerous threads are created by different developers in the Facebook Developer Forum.  Sample threads include…

This blog had been moved already to http://www.fb-developers.info/blog/.

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Firefox 5 released!

Firefox 5 is released today! According to the release notes, This is the first release as part of our accelerated schedule and it’s all aimed at getting you the newest features and latest technologies faster than ever before so you’ve … Continue reading

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Facebook Dev FAQ – How to set the content of Wall Post created by Like Button

Question: I have added Facebook Like buttons to my web pages. When a user click the Like button, I notice that a wall post will be published to the user’s wall. The wall post includes image and text that are … Continue reading

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The best way to find the ID of a Facebook user or page

Some had asked how to find the ID of a Facebook use, The Like button api requires either an admin’s Facebook ID or App ID for the page. But what is the best article / method to use to tell … Continue reading

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Why does Canvas URL of a Facebook App has to be ended with ‘/’?

Canvas URL is one of  the settings for Facebook canvas app.  It has to be ended with a ‘/’.  I think most of the Facebook developers should know this already. Today, coyote has asked the following question in the Facebook … Continue reading

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Faceook team – We want stability instead of new features and buggy platform!

From time to time, we are seeing Facebook releasing this features, new integration points, new methods of data access.  For example, new feature on the Send Dialog for integrated private sharing is released today (please refer to Facebook Developer Blog … Continue reading

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Facebook – shall it be named as Facebug?

Today, someone has made a post in the official Facebook Developer Forum with title Facebug doesn’t recognize verified account!?!?. I am pretty sure that every Facebook developer should have encountered and affected by the bugs in Facebook.  But making funs … Continue reading

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Make Your Facebook App Lasts Longer

I just notice that there is someone selling an ebook that claims to make your facebook app lasts longer.  And that cost USD25! OK, stay tuned and I will be posting tips and tricks that do that same!  With this, … Continue reading

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