Confusing Locale Handling on Facebook Platform

I believe people using Facebook come from nearly every part of the world (as long as Internet connection available) and so I would expect I18N is not an issue in Facebook.

However, I am wrong.

Let’s take a look at this bug report….go to to read the full article. **

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Signup at & Enjoy FREE Facebook Dev Consultation Service!

One of the issues that Facebook developers facing are finding a good enough hosting for running their Facebook applications. If you are … a new developer looking for web hosting for the first time an experienced developer looking for better … Continue reading

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PHP SDK v3.1.0 released

PHP SDK v3.1.0 was released on 5Aug. It can be downloaded from the official site. Major changes in this release include: Adding support for the new JS cookie format and its use in the PHP SDK Fixing the phpDoc blocks … Continue reading

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Bug fixed – Test User profile pic updated can now be obtained via Graph API

Do you test your Facebook apps by using Facebook Test Users? For me, the answer is yes.  I cannot say it is perfect.. but with the recent enhancements released by Facebook on managing test users in the Facebook dev app, … Continue reading

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Facebook pushes code changes to production environment without considering the impact

From time to time, I see developers complaining whenever Facebook pushes a code change, new issues come out. Well, to be fair to Facebook, I can understand that it may be hard to the platform team to test all possible … Continue reading

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Optimize Facebook Social Plugin Performance

Today, Facebook has published an article in its Developer Blog, telling us a few tips on optimizing the social plugin performance. In particular, the following issues are discussed: the use of the custom channel URL asynchronous loading of the JavaScript … Continue reading

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Is xFBML still working on the new JavaScript SDK?

I just notice that multi-friend-input xFBML code does not work.  It seems to me that this is broken due to the new JavaScript SDK. For details, see the bug report Have you encountered similar issues?

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Facebook Developer Forum is down

Facebook Developer Forum is down at the moment. Would it take long for Facebook team to fix it?  I don’t think.  Frankly speaking, as the Facebook team is not participating actively in the forum, I wonder when will the team … Continue reading

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