The most historic opened bug in Facebook Bugzilla

For how long can a bug remains opened in Facebook Bugzilla?

By doing a search in the Bugzilla, the following bug is found.

It was open in Oct2007!  Hopefully, that is not a bug report.  It is a feature request for supporting the “count” function in FQL as in SQL.

Frankly speaking, I am not a SQL expert and I don’t know how much work is required to enhance FQL for supporting this “count” function.  Yet, I think it may be good if we can have the most primitive/basic feature of a “count” done first.  Sometimes, we just want to get a total count and getting the full data set is not necessary.

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Features that you want to have in the Facebook Dev Forum

Have u read my previous blog article ? If you were to make a new Facebook Developer Forum, what features you would put there!? As a Facebook developer, I would like to see the following features: Other than seeing my … Continue reading

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Facebook Developer Forum – A New Era is coming!?

Though it is not yet formally announced, there will be a big change on the Facebook  Developer Forum in the near future.  As a moderator, I am excited to hear that and yet, I hope I won’t get disappointed this … Continue reading

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Enhanced Canvas for Facebook Apps

Facebook has today announced a few enhancement on the canvas area, including Adding Bookmarks to the upper-right corner of every canvas page. According to Facebook, this aims to improve user re-engagement.  However, as we already have similar bookmarks on the … Continue reading

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Step-by-Step Guide for PHP SDK v3.x – Do you need it?

Things get changed a lot since I had published the step by step guide for the PHP SDK.  Well, as the PHP SDK is just a wrapper layer to facilitate accessing Facebook APIs, handling the authentication flow etc, most of … Continue reading

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Managing App Roles with Facebook Groups – FB Dev App Enhanced

Facebook has further enhanced the Dev App by adding the ability to add and create Facebook Groups within the Developer App to manage users who are Administrators, Developers, Insights Users, and Testers in our apps. With this feature, adding users … Continue reading

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PHP SDK v3.1.1 released

PHP SDK v3.1.1 was released on 9Aug. It can be downloaded from the official site. Major changes in this release include: Extract the `code` from the `signed_request` for JS SDK pairing The differences between the files in v3.0.1 and v3.1.0, … Continue reading

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My Facebook Like Poster

Marketplace – My Facebook Like Poster – USD70 Live Demo at: Application Features Create a poster based on the user’s Interests User has a choice of whether to upload the poster created or not Easily extensible for adding more … Continue reading

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