Facebook Development FAQ

If you are new to Facebook Development and get a problem that you want to find someone to help, then my suggestion is :

Let take a look at my Facebook Development FAQ!

There are various sections in the FAQ and I believe most of the commonly asked questions related to Facebook Development had been answered there already!

  • Basic & General Issues
  • Application Registration, Settings & Misc
  • Accessing Facebook Data
  • FBML Canvas Application / XFBML
  • IFrame Canvas Application
  • The Old REST API
  • The Graph API
  • The PHP SDK
  • The JavaScript SDK
  • Application Tabs / Tabbed Application
  • Social Plugins
  • Facebook Connect / Integrating FB to Your Website
  • Facebook Query Language (FQL)

Cannot find the answer for you question? If you think it is a commonly asked question, then put it there in the comment section and I will take a look at it!

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