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The most historic opened bug in Facebook Bugzilla

For how long can a bug remains opened in Facebook Bugzilla? By doing a search in the Bugzilla, the following bug is found. Bug 453 – count function in fql It was open in Oct2007!  Hopefully, that is not a … Continue reading

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Features that you want to have in the Facebook Dev Forum

Have u read my previous blog article ? If you were to make a new Facebook Developer Forum, what features you would put there!? As a Facebook developer, I would like to see the following features: Other than seeing my … Continue reading

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Facebook officially asks me to hack its Tool!

While I am happy with the new Facebook Developer App, I found recently that the maximum length support for the “canvas page” field is 2-char less than what we have in the old Developer App. A bug report was therefore … Continue reading

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Interesting Organization Chart for Big IT Companies

Today, I found this interesting picture in the internet. Hope you like this!

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Let’s take a break – Funny Fruit Pictures

Getting tired with the devloping Facebook applications, fighting with those bugs or finding workarounds to do what you want on the Facebook platform? Let’s take a break! I have found some funny pictures and would like to share with your … Continue reading

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Facebook Like Poster App

Just in case you haven’t tried my new Facebook Like Poster app before, you can check it out at: Facebook Like Poster

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GET A FREE facebook T-SHIRT – Is that fake??

Today, I have found a site that claims to be giving out FREE facebook T-shirt…. that site is Well, frankly speaking, I don’t believe that it is FREE.  Of course, I may be wrong and just in case you … Continue reading

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Integrating Facebook Credit to your social apps – does it work?

Any of you has integrated Facebook Credits to your social apps? And any successful stories? I know those big applications may be making big money with Facebook credit, but how about those small / medium application developed by freelancer?

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