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When I started learning development on Facebook, I have been searching for tutorials and information in the Internet.  However, at that time, I was a bit disappointed. The number of useful resources available and their coverage are less that what I expected (may be it is just me that I could not find them).

There are numerous ways (libraries/SDKs, languages, approaches) that we can use for developing Facebook applications.  At the same time, Facebook is evolving the ways how people ‘should’ develop Facebook applications or integrating Facebook to their websites by releasing new API, data model, SDKs etc. As a result, new comers may get lost easily and need to spend some time just to get familiar with the environment, searching and reading existing documentation.

Hoping to help others learning how to develop Facebook apps or integrating Facebook to their websites is the driving force for me to build the web site Wing’s Corner for Facebook Development. There are tutorials, FAQ, eBooks, sample applications that you can read and download.

To move the steps further, I create this blog.  My aims is to share with you on what I have learnt / seen that are related to facebook development.

If you find any errors or I have misunderstood anything of the concept, please kindly let me know!

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  1. Dan says:

    I’m impressed with your knowledge on such wide range of topics. What is the best way to get in touch with you? I’d like to bounce an idea and opportunity for hire.

  2. Dave Gonynor says:

    Your knowledge sharing is greatly appreciated. I have a simple question I cannot find the answer to in your postings.

    I saw your post on how to find out if someone has liked your page. Can I also get their first name, last name and user id without extended permissions if they have liked my page?


  3. Amazing! Your site has a bunch readers. How did you get so many viewers to see your blog I’m jealous! I’m still getting to know all about posting articles on the internet. I’m going to look around on your site to get a better understanding how to attract more people. Thank you!

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  5. zerotyd says:

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  6. Rocky Simek says:

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