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Facebook’s statement on the August 13th App Outage

Just in case you are not aware of, Facebook has officially made a statement about the app outage that happened on 13 August, in which a number of Facebook developer accounts and apps were temporarily unavailable. For details, see that … Continue reading

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Facebook Canvas Namespace get removed suddently

Probably all Facebook developers should have aware of the recent service disruption on the Facebook platform for which our developers may be disabled with the apps banned. ¬†Facebook should have fixed that in a very short period of time and … Continue reading

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Facebook now has official document describing the AppSecret Proof

According to Facebook, You can reduce your exposure to malware and spammers by requiring server-to-server calls to Facebook’s API be signed with the appsecret_proof parameter. And in short, the app secret proof is a sha256 hash of your access token, … Continue reading

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