Facebook JavaScript SDK – FB.XFBML.parse should be renamed as FB.markup.parse

According to Facebook documentation, FB.XFBML.parse is described as

This function parses and renders XFBML markup in a document on the fly. This could be used if you send XFBML from your server via ajax and want to render it client side. XFBML enables you to incorporate FBML into your websites and IFrame applications.

However, while Facebook has provided a HTML5 implementation for that, I think this function should be renamed to better reflect its functionality.

Just in case you are not sure about what I am talking about, then you can try to add a HTML5 Facebook Like Button to your web page dynamically.  The like button will not be shown unless you explicitly tell the JavaScript SDK to parse the page (or a particular element containing the Like button) by using the FB.XFBML.parse.

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