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Facebook Developer Group is having problem in showing old posts

Well, just in case you access the official Facebook Developer Group, don’t get surprised to see that there are only 3 posts there. We definitely get tons of posts and comments there in the group.  It is just Facebook having problem … Continue reading

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Facebook SDK 3.0 Beta for iOS released

Today, Facebook has announced a major update to the Facebook SDK for iOS. This version of SDK aims to make it easier and faster to develop Facebook-integrated iOS apps. Besides, Facebook has also introduced a new iOS Dev Center so we  can … Continue reading

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Facebook PHP SDK v3.1.1-31 released!

PHP SDK v3.1.1-31 released on 2Jul2012 It can be downloaded from the official site. When compared to facebook–php-sdk-v3.1.1-25, we have the following enhancement Items: Add support for using the hostname from HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST This is actually a deficiency reported by me. Fix case where server has IPv6 … Continue reading

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