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Finally, Facebook has made the announcement today that the Official Facebook Developer Forum will be “frozen” in a read-only state by 1 Sep 2011.

This is what Facebook said,

Facebook and Stack Exchange have partnered to support the Facebook Developer community. Many Facebook engineers actively participate on Stack Overflow, along with many of the best Facebook developers, making Stack Overflow one of the best places to get help with your technical questions. The Forum will be read-only after September 1, 2011.

For new questions, please ask at

Well, it is hard to say whether this is a good move or not.  But no matter what the publich voices are coming out, this is something that cannot be changed.

So, let’s join and start earning reputation and badges there!

Don’t get despaired that you don’t have a place for discussing various Facebook development issues, bugs, how-tos…… news will be coming out soon.

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