Facebook Profile Banner Creator Web Site released!

Facebook Profile Banner Creator Web Site is released.

The web site has all the features of the Premium edition of the corresponding Facebook application.  Yet, more exciting features are added!

  • Running as a web site so you can drive and attract traffic easily
  • Like buttons added for EVERY banner
  • Open-graph protocol integrated so that for every “like” clicked, a wallpost will be published by Facebook automatically, linking to that particular banner!
  • no more limitation due to running as “canvas area”
  • more….

You can get this from my marketplace.

Live web site demo is running at: http://profilebanner.fb-developers.info/

Facebook Profile Banner Creator Web Site

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2 Responses to Facebook Profile Banner Creator Web Site released!

  1. takwing says:

    a minor type mistake is found yeaterday and that’s caused problem in the website.
    It is fixed now.

  2. This is a very interesting site. The content is very informative and I am so glad that I dropped by. Thanks!

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