Facebook new problem in parsing/reading Open Graph Tags

In one of my applications, I have put og tags in the pages that are representing different objects. Like buttons are used with”http://apps.facebook.com/appname/mypage-1″ specified as the href so that users can like these objects.  This works fine before…. until today (or these few days?)….

Now I found that Facebook cannot read the Open Graph tags properly if the link is within Facebook’s apps sub-domain, i.e. http://apps.facebook.com/appname/mypage-1. These og tags can be read properly if I use href like “http://www.mydomain.com/appname/mypage-1” (these 2 links are referring to the same page).

At first, I think this is related to the like buttons.  However, similar issue happens when we share a link via Facebook “share” dialog.

So, I would conclude this is a problem in how Facebook parse / read the open graph tags.

Has Facebook changed something? I know there are people encountering the same problem as me.  See thread http://forum.developers.facebook.net/viewtopic.php?id=96970 for more info.

Right now, what I have to do is to implement my own workaround to by-pass this “issue”.  Working on the Facebook Platform is fun and challenging…. as things keep changing without any notification.

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