Dec2010 Update Summary for “Wing’s FAQ for Facebook Development”

In Dec2010, the following entries are added to my “FAQ for Facebook Development

I hope some of them will be useful to you!


Basic & General Issues

  • Where can I get the List of Locale that I can use for those locale parameters in Facebook API?

Application Registration, Settings & Misc

  • My GET/POST Parameters are lost when user submits a form or click a link. Why?
  • How do I send a game request instead of an application request?
  • How can I pass additional parameters after the the authentication/authorization process?
  • How can I get the list of users that have authorized my application?
  • I don’t want others to know that I am the developer of my facebook app. How can I do that?

Accessing Facebook Data

  • How can I know if a user has changed his profile information?
  • How can I get the email addresses of a user’s friends?

IFrame Canvas Application

  • What should I use in the action link of an HTML form?
  • Why there is an intermediate Facebook logo page displayed after a form submit or page redirect?

The Graph API

  • How can I post to the Application’s wall as the application instead of as myself (i.e. not as a user)?

The JavaScript SDK

  • How do I flag RSVP for a User’s Event via Javascript FB.api?

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