Accessing Facebook Data Fast! Graph API or FQL?

Generally speaking, I love the concept of Facebook’s Graph API.  It is easy and simplified way for accessing Facebook’s data.

Yet, there are 2 things that I believe Facebook has to further improved:

  • Data and Feature coverage
    For this, I mean some of the data and features available via the old REST API and FQL are not yet available via the Graph API. Well, situation has been improving….
    For example, action link is first not support for posts published via Graph API but is now supported.
  • Performance
    For simple data access (e.g. getting the user’s basic information), I don’t think there is a big difference between Graph API and FQL.  However, unlike FQL, “nested query” is not supported by Graph API and in many cases, we need to get the data with multiple Graph API requests.  And because of the round-trip delays, the overall performance of the application would be greatly affected.

… just a little sharing after I have done some optimization on my app with FQL.

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