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New domain registered!

Hi, I have today registered the domain So, from now on, you can access my Faecbook Developer website via cheers!

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PHP SDK v2.1.2-6 released!

Did you notice that there is an updated version of the PHP SDK released? It not, then check here for the details.

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My Upgrade Experience for Firefox 4

I have upgraded to Firefox 4 when it was first released.  It is nice, starts up faster and has a cleaner user interface providing more room for displaying web pages. Right after the upgrade, I noticed that the RoboForm add-on … Continue reading

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How Long will an Facebook App Access Token be valid for?

Today, I have seen a post in the Facebook developer forum asking how long will an app access token be valid for. Should be ~2 hours…. but wait!  That’s the value that comes into my mind right after I say … Continue reading

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Facebook Insights enhanced

Have you noticed that Facebook has enhanced the Insights recently? More data and statistically figures like the number of permission request impression that is made by your application and the percentage of acceptance. This should give us a better idea … Continue reading

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How to make JavaScript SDK resize the iFrame canvas automatically?

I believe for all the new canvas apps that you are to create, they would be iframe canvas apps. For me, one of the problems that I encountered occasionally is about the size of the iframe used as the canvas. … Continue reading

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Firefox 4 is released!

Firefox 4 is released! You can get it from Well, I have tried that, it is faster than firefox 3.6 (it is just a gut feeling and not benchmarking was done).  However, I have re-insatll firefox 3.6 now…. The … Continue reading

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Integrating Facebook Credit to your social apps – does it work?

Any of you has integrated Facebook Credits to your social apps? And any successful stories? I know those big applications may be making big money with Facebook credit, but how about those small / medium application developed by freelancer?

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